Digital X-rays

A highly useful health screening and diagnostic tool, digital dental X-rays can help our dentists detect signs of oral health issues that are not visible to the naked eye. With dental X-rays, we can view a patient’s internal structures to identify existing conditions or early signs of developing concerns. 

What Is a Digital Dental X-Ray?

X-rays, also called radiographs, are images of a patient’s internal structures captured using X-ray radiation. A digital dental X-ray is a radiograph of a patient’s dental and maxillofacial structures captured using a digital lens. 

Digital vs. Traditional X-Rays: What’s the Difference?

Both traditional and digital X-Rays are captured using short bursts of X-ray radiation. The primary difference between the two is that traditional X-rays capture images on traditional film, while digital X-rays capture images using a digital lens. 

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays offer several advantages over traditional X-rays, such as:

  • They require a shorter exposure time, making them much safer for patients and technicians. 
  • The shorter exposure time also means it’s easier to capture clear images because it’s easier for our patients to hold still for shorter amounts of time. 
  • Digital images are immediately available for viewing in the office, meaning there’s no need to wait for film development to get your diagnosis. 
  • Digital X-rays can be easily shared with patients, doctors, and specialists. 
  • They can also be enlarged and enhanced using computer software for better viewing and diagnostics. 

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