Biolase Dental Laser

At Glen Ellyn Dentistry, Dr. Charise Petrelli and Dr. Cathy Nguyen are committed to providing our patients with the very best dental care. In part, this means keeping up with the latest advancements in dental technology and equipping our office with the most advanced dental treatment tools available. 

We are proud to offer our patients an elevated treatment experience and exceptional treatment outcomes with the BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser. 

What Is the BIOLASE Waterlase Dental Laser?

The Waterlase dental laser is an innovative treatment tool designed and manufactured by BIOLASE Technology. It is designed to replace the traditional handpiece (i.e., dental drill) in a variety of traditional dental treatment settings. 

The BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser operates without the unpleasant noise, vibration, and heat associated with traditional dental drills, creating a much more pleasant and comfortable treatment experience for patients. 

How Does the BIOLASE Waterlase Dental Laser Work?

The BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser uses hydrokinetic technology — a combination of atomized water and laser energy — to remove tissue during oral treatments. During treatment, the device projects streams of laser-powered water droplets that cut into hard or soft tissue. 

As the laser contacts the tissue, it sterilizes and cauterizes. In soft-tissue treatments, this reduces bleeding, swelling, pain, and the risk of infection. 

What Is the BIOLASE Waterlase Dental Laser Used for?

The BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser can be used to perform or enhance several procedures and treatments, including: 

  • Removing dental caries (cavities and decayed enamel)
  • Preparing cavities for dental fillings
  • Procedures that treat the dentin and enamel
  • Gum contouring, gum lifts, and gum reshaping
  • Removing hard and soft tissue decay
  • Removing and sterilizing infected tissues
  • Periodontal disease treatments

A highly versatile treatment tool, the BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser can be used on both hard and soft tissues inside the oral cavity. 

Benefits of Treatment With the BIOLASE Waterlase Dental Laser

The combination of water and laser technology used in the BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser delivers a variety of benefits, making it a superior treatment option to traditional dental drills and surgical tools. 

The BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser offers the following advantages:

  • No noise, heat, unpleasant vibrations, or other sensory disturbances during treatment
  • Less invasive than traditional treatment tools
  • High accuracy for precisely targeted treatments
  • Pinpoint accuracy delivers better treatment outcomes
  • More healthy tissue remains intact and unaffected
  • Teeth adjacent to the treatment area remain intact and unaffected
  • Quicker, more effective treatment process with accelerated and strengthened dental fillings
  • Minimal bleeding during and after procedures
  • Fewer dental visits required for treatment completion
  • Reduced risk of post-treatment infection

Additionally, the precision of the BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser often means treatments can be completed with zero pain or discomfort, allowing patients to complete their treatments without the need for injected local anesthetics. 

Is the BIOLASE Waterlase Device Safe?

Yes, the BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser is FDA-approved and completely safe for adults and children in dental treatment settings. During your treatment, we provide you with protective eyewear to ensure comfort and safety. 

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