Dental Technology

Every day, dental care improves thanks to ongoing advancements in dental treatments, tools, techniques, and technology. These tools help to improve the diagnostic processes while streamlining and improving patient treatments and treatment outcomes. At Glen Ellyn Dentistry, we take pride in keeping up with the industry’s advancements while maintaining an office fully outfitted with the latest tools and technology. 

Advanced Dental Technology at Glen Ellyn Dentistry

Some of the advanced dental technologies, tools, treatments, and techniques available in our office include the following. 

Digital Radiographs (X-Rays)

Digital radiographs use digital X-ray sensors to replace traditional, film-based X-ray images with digital, computer-based ones. These X-rays are more detailed than traditional images because they are less likely to be compromised due to small movements. Additionally, they require a shorter exposure time, making them much safer for everyone involved (patients and technicians alike). Digital X-rays offer a variety of additional advantages compared to film X-rays, such as: 

  • Eliminated developing times: X-rays are immediately available to view.
  • Shareability: X-rays can easily be shared with patients, doctors, dental appliance manufacturers, and specialists.
  • Digital enhancements: Digital X-rays can be easily enlarged or enhanced for better viewing and diagnostics. 

Intraoral camera

Our intraoral camera is a digital camera specially designed to take pictures of the insides of our patients’ mouths. These can be used to document treatment progress in patient files. We also use them to aid in patient diagnosis and treatment explanations so that patients can clearly see their treatment results and the anatomy to which we are referring during their appointments. 

BIOLASE Dental Laser

Designed and manufactured by BIOLASE Technology, the Waterlase dental laser is an innovative treatment tool that replaces the traditional dental handpiece (i.e., a dental drill). We use the BIOLASE Waterlase laser in a variety of dental treatment settings to ease and improve our patients’ treatment experiences and outcomes. 

In addition to being a highly effective and precise dental treatment tool, the BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser also operates quietly without any unpleasant dental drill sounds. It also does not produce vibration or heat at the treatment location. In addition to these benefits, the BIOLASE Waterlase dental laser helps to improve treatment outcomes, reduce infection risk, and accelerate healing and recovery time.  


Bioclear is a revolutionary method of restoring, reshaping, and recontouring a patient’s teeth. It combines the benefits of dental veneers with the ease of dental bonding while multiplying the strength and lifespan of both. 

CHAO Pinhole Surgical Technique

We are proud to provide our patients with surgical gum restoration and rejuvenation using the CHAO Pinhole Surgical Technique. This advanced surgical technique can correct gingival recession in various unique patient situations. It is less invasive than traditional gum surgery methods, providing patients with fast and effective results while minimizing the required recovery time. 

Exceptional Treatment Outcomes With State-of-the-Art Dentistry

Our dentists are committed to achieving successful and long-lasting treatment outcomes for our patients. The extensive experience, education, and training of all our team members, paired with the advanced dental technologies available in our office, help us achieve our goal of being the best dental practice in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. 

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